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Anonymous asked: MARS: I'm so bored,your so slowe

Well, maybe I just have better things to do than spend all day here.

forgot i was on my rp account let me just


what if you were walking down the street and a piece of paper hit you in the face and you were really pissed but then you pulled it off it was a really explicit picture of your otp having at each other and you just looked up at the sky and cried because there is a god

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Anonymous asked: MARS: ( takes of maske and over coat to show civle cloths has a giant toothy smile) it was to funny you should have seen the llok on your face (berst in to laghter)


It was not funny.

Anonymous asked: MARS: ( aims gun at his chest and fires gun skworts out water it's a water gun) (laghs)


-spits out water-

That wasn’t funny.

Anonymous asked: MARS: (slowly walks closer and pullsmout a gun)

-slowly reaches for bow-

Mars, what exactly are you doing?

Anonymous asked: MARS: (wears a hocky mask like jashon and a long black overcoat)


Anonymous asked: MARS: whats that supost to mean? im tellling the truth

I don’t doubt that you are.

Longshot requested by juliarte and roymeo.

Longshot requested by juliarte and roymeo.

if you have an oc rp blog and are actually good at rping god bless you

you are the 1%

Anonymous asked: MARS: well they didn't but dianh tolled me after i ask how long her and oille been together she said years then she saide thet had growen apart

I…right. Of course.

How could I forget?